The navigation system for the jungle of colours

The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS for Windows and Macintosh is a quick and exact guidepost for the sure handling of a colourful, exciting, and creative topic.

Do you have a lot to do with colours? Could our software support you?

In the last 10 years we have measured a half a million colours. Every measurement is acknowledged with a bleep of the measuring device. This database is the heart of the product.

300 colour sytems and CMYK-atlases are available for comparisons and harmony calculations.

How do I achieve the best possible reproduction of an input colour in the printed brochure?

The program searches the measurement data of all colour fields of the CMYK-portfolio and filters out the best possible match.

The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS searches through up to 65000 CMYK-colour fields.
The otherwise customary ICC-profile is based on a maximum of 1500 colour fields.

The RGB – and Hex-values are also based on spectral measurements. The values can be quickly transferred into other applications via clipboard.

Which colours match an input colour (here a shade of orange)? How do I vary them sensibly?

Calculation of complementary colours. The equivalents are also displayed in the manufacturer systems.

Here the brightness of the original colour is varied. Every calculation can be modified according to desire.

Vary a colour systematically and quickly!

Draw the mouse to the desired colour – without numerical entry or scroll bar.
You can’t find such an intuitive colour selector in any other software.

Colour pictures in the desired colours. Click on the area – select a colour – done!

Who would possibly have colour fans for stoColor or for specific 3M-Foils? The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS includes them as pdf-files.

Colour palettes enable you to work with all colour systems directly in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Nemetschek and many others.

Go back to school – to our "colour school" – it is informative and fun!

Download the free demo. It is unrestricted and has no time limit, the number of supported colours is limited. It can be activated to the full version.

Decide between the downloadable version or the CD-ROM or the USB-stick version with printed CMYK-Atlas.

Colours are important to everyone...

Colours are a deeply ingrained emotional experience. Just as we avoid bad feelings we also avoid bad colours. "which colours match each other", "how do I describe the colour", "how do I vary the colours", "how do I display the colours exactly", "which one corresponds with my personality", "what do I like", "what do others like" – we are constantly asking ourselves these questions and more.

In an occupational environment good answers are especially important. In the print shop, architecture firm, ad agencies, designers, at the hairdresser’s, in the paint shop, the artists studio...and even at the dentist we require the most exact colour possible.

...but who really knows their way around colours?

The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS answers colour questions (reproduction, comparison, harmony, composition) practical, fast, informed and exact. It asserts no claims on absolute truth as our colour perception is and always will remain individual. Instead it is intended as a small travel guide to whom thousands of users turn and trust for advice.

New: Version 5:

After two years in developement we present a heavily revised user interface and numours new revisions: colour palettes, colourisation of pictures, greatly improved harmony functions, group colour comparisons, pre-press functions, barrier free colours according to DIN, ca. 100 new colour systems,... Click here for more information.