FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a small compilation of the important questions about the DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS. If you have further questions, please call us!

What a pity – my colour system is not included

Q: You don’t include the colour system which I am using mostly. So I am not able to use the software in such a good way.

A: Unfortunately we haven’t received a licence for the immediate integration of their systems to the DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS (Who knows why.... !). However you can include tables of measured values yourself. We provide these tabels free of charge for every user – also for not mentioned colour systems. Naturally we have completed the measurements for all known systems. Don’t hesitate to ask us!

Terms of Payment

Q: Do I have to pay in advance? Do you create an invoice?

A: Within Germany we deliver on account, after good old salesmen traditions (and have had no bad experiences). Outside of Germany we recommend payment via credit card (without additional charges) or advance payment (additional bank charges).


Q: I'm in a particular hurry. Can you deliver by e-mail?

A: Yes. You can download the programm here, then you can install it and send the registration form to us (or call us). Now you get the license code, which turn your demo into a full version. We will send off the printed atlases package (CMYK atlases, CD-ROM) by postal mail, normally on the day of your order.

Few colour values

F: I want to know only a few colour values. Can you tell me them? Your software is too expensive….

A: Of course.You can call us, a few colour values are no problem, maybe you will remind of our software in later times. The price is at the end of our possibilities.

Single workstation license on several computers

Q: We have several computers on the network running the Nemetschek program. Do I need a multiple license or is a single license enough?

A: You need a multiple license. The first work station will be calculated as the "first user licence", after that each additional as a low-priced "additional user licence" (ca. 50% of the original liscence). This also applies to mixed environments (Windows / Mac OS). Would you like to use our software in addition to your desktop computer on your notebook, we make an exception – you get a free license code.

Price increase

Q: What justifies the price increase of the new version?

A: The new version required more effort than every version before. We have created a far better, more practical and very comprehensive software.

dtp studio

Q: Who is the dtp studio? How much experience have they got?

A: The dtp studio resides in Oldenburg, in northwest Germany. For nearly 20 years we have produced color software. Among these are well-known products (RAL DIGITAL (1995-2013), Brillux Scala Digital) and smaller solutions for various colour manufacturers. Further costumers in the fields of the colours were and are HKS, Evonik, DaimlerChrysler, Alsecco, Schmincke, 3M... See it for yourself with the download version.


Q: We have a customer who is interested in your product. What conditions apply to retailers?

A: As a retailer you will receive an attractive dealer rebate that is staggered. Individual orders are possible. We offer larger handlers a software for the calculation of liscence codes.

Simplified full version activation in the network

Q: We run a network of 40 computers. To activate each individual computer to the full version would be cumbersome. Do you have a simplified full version activation procedure?

A: Yes – we offer larger clients a full version activation service, or a version that does not need to be activated.

Student discount

Q: Do you offer reduced prices for students?

A: No. Academic version (for educational establishments) will be delivered at dealers tearms and conditions.