We do not run expensive advertisements for the product. It lives almost exclusively on the recommendations of our users, who have for example, expressed the following:

I am very convinced of the DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS!

Short description of me: I am working here at a company for fairs and exhibitions and for our customers the trueness of the colour especially of the corporate’s logos and hallmarks is extremely important. Thereby the software supports us immensely to find the right colours from other colour systems and to use on the fair stand (colours of foils, walls and much more). We work often with Pantone, NCS-, Sikkens, RAL and Sigma colour tones.

Daniel Kurth, conform GmbH

...the new version is a real smasher.

Raffaele Buonfiglio, Avantgarde AB

Our seminar was very successful, and we were able to conduct our seminar very successfully and have been able to present the Digital Colour Atlas in a very great way and used for a practice which resulted in many Ahhhs and Ohhhs of the participants!

Martin Benad, Atelier Benad

With this excellent tool we can now cater to our clients wishes and requests regarding the respective colour codes and can propose suggestions to our products with more ease, speed, and precision. The DIGITAL COLOUR ATLAS creates new areas of application.

We would also gladly use the NCS and Pantone colour values in the programme as these respresent the most important colour systems to us and our clients, aside from RAL. We are looking forward to receiving the respective files in the mail.

Volker Hauser, Technocell Dekor GmbH & Co KG

By this a large praise to your software ! It ever and ever again makes it easier to convert the drafts of the architect to a concept which is suitable for a master painter.

Gerald Bauer

I purchased the Digital Colour Atlas 4.0 from you and am completely in love with this fantastic software!

The easy controls and the available possibilities have completely exceeded my expectations. I am completeing a “Special“ training regarding the subjects of colour and design so that HLC means something to me, in contrast to many painters.

I am already looking forward to the Update you announced for next year.

i.A. Christel Stumpp, Maler– und Lackierermeister Jürgen Stumpp

Congratulations on the awards, including the latest!

Thank you very much for the update. The newest version is also visually beautiful. The idea with the stick is in its application a class above and more client oriented.

Clients are astonished, as the AGD wrote, when the Designers can specify the company colours in multiple established Systems... and I happily pass this astonishment on to you, the originator. The Digital Colour Atlas is simply a good tool.

Albert Manser, ID·MANSER Design-Atelier